Chrome’s Search Bar Upgrades: Smarter Autocomplete and Typo Fixes

Chrome’s Search Bar Upgrades: Smarter Autocomplete and Typo Fixes

Google is rolling out five new enhancements to the Chrome address bar to facilitate web searching, as announced by the tech company on Wednesday. These updates encompass more intelligent autocompletion, automatic correction of typos, the ability to search within bookmark folders, suggestions for popular websites, and an improved visual layout.

The Chrome address bar will now offer URL autocompletion based on keywords you’ve previously used to search for a particular website. Previously, the address bar would only autocomplete URLs if you began typing them from the beginning. For example, to reach Google Flights, you had to commence typing “” With the new update, you can simply type “flights,” and the address bar will autocomplete it to “”

If you happen to make a typo or mistakenly type a word incorrectly, the address bar will now detect this and provide suggestions based on websites you’ve previously visited. Furthermore, you can perform searches within your bookmark folders directly from the address bar.

Additionally, the address bar will now suggest popular websites, even if you haven’t visited them before or if you’ve entered the URL incorrectly. When you start typing the name of a well-known website, the address bar will display the website’s URL in the suggestion list. You can then select it to navigate directly to the site without the need to first search the name and then click on it from the search results.

The final update introduces an “improved visual layout” to the address bar. Google also claims that the address bar has become more responsive and will deliver faster results as soon as you start typing.

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