Marvel’s Spider-Man, Infected by Goblins, Confronts an Unexpected Hero

Marvel’s Spider-Man, Infected by Goblins, Confronts an Unexpected Hero

As fans eagerly anticipate Insomniac’s take on Kraven the Hunter in the world of Marvel, the Marvel Comics universe has taken a darker turn. Within the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Spidey finds himself infected with the sins of Norman Osborn, transforming into a malevolent Goblin version of his former self.

This sinister Spider-Man teeters on the edge of a moral precipice. Returning to his ominous black suit, he has already buried Kraven the Hunter alive and subjected Norman Osborn to brutal treatment.

Now, Spider-Man’s malevolent gaze falls upon Paul, whom he holds responsible for driving a wedge between himself and Mary Jane. To thwart this murderous incarnation of Spider-Man, an unexpected superhero emerges.

Mary Jane steps forward to confront the Goblin-infected Spider-Man. In preview pages shared by Marvel Comics, Mary Jane stands her ground against Spider-Man, utilizing her newfound Jackpot powers. Despite the imminent threat of combat with her former partner, Peter remains steadfast in accusing MJ of abandoning him for Paul.

Introduced at the outset of this storyline, Paul is the son of Rabin, a mad scientist from another dimension who sought to sacrifice Mary Jane to ensure his survival in our realm. During an interdimensional separation, Mary Jane spent seven years away from Spider-Man, forming a relationship with Paul and caring for two children. However, these children were revealed to be mere constructs of Rabin’s elaborate plan.

After Rabin’s plans were thwarted, Paul and MJ continued their relationship, leaving Peter to grapple with the abrupt changes in his life. Now, with the inhibitions of Osborn’s sins coursing through him, Peter’s pent-up emotions are coming to the fore.

The impending events hold great significance, with Marvel’s solicitations simply stating, “This sets up the next 24 issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Do. Not. Miss. This.”

Amazing Spider-Man #35 is scheduled for release on October 11, promising a momentous turning point in the Spider-Man saga. For more updates on Spider-Man and comic book news, stay tuned to our coverage.

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