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Empowering the Investment Landscape, IVEX Secures $10M Private Investment Round

Dubai, UAE — From eco-friendly farming to cutting-edge virtual reality ventures, IVEX presents a distinct mix of investment possibilities suited to a wide range of investor preferences. In order to announce the upcoming ICO, the team is reminding that the clock is ticking, the queue of investors is long and the free points are limited. The company recently received funding from European funds and is continuing to attract investors. The expected investment amount has already been exceeded threefold.

At the heart of IVEX’s offerings is the IVEX token, a cutting-edge digital currency that serves as a gateway from the conventional realm of the internet to the innovative blockchain-powered universe. Each project within IVEX’s ecosystem has a distinct utility for the IVEX token, ranging from voting rights and exclusive club access to earning dividends and ownership of assets.

“We see token holders not simply as observers, but as proactive contributors who have a voice and a stake in our shared success. By empowering our community to both shaping and making decisions about the direction and outcomes of the project, we cultivate a sense of ownership and collective destiny that is unique in the world of investments,” the founder commented.

To enhance user experience, IVEX provides a personal assistant to navigate and manage all assets seamlessly. Excitingly, an ICO is on the horizon after a successful private round fundraising exceeding $10 million. The ICO will take place on the custom-built platform, CryptoConcierge, which acts as an internal wallet-bank offering both fiat and cryptocurrencies. This next-gen platform allows for cash deposits and withdrawals globally and features an AI-assistant for user support.

IVEX introduces the innovative IVEX metaverse platform for effortless investment control, translating virtual changes into tangible realities. The first project to be launched on this platform is IVEX farm, empowering investors to actualize their business ideas by utilizing the IVEX token for transactions involving assets like chicken coops and agricultural produce.

Moreover, IVEX token facilitates everyday transactions on a private island project where it serves as the primary currency, enabling acquisitions from villas to yachts. In a unique initiative, the token’s utility extends to a football team project, where token holders can influence decisions regarding player transfers and team aesthetics.

Further solidifying its commitment to stability and diversity, IVEX offers opportunities to co-own a metallurgical factory and receive dividends through the IVEX token. The company’s principles revolve around stability, convenience, and variety, aiming to create a strong infrastructure and vibrant community within the IVEX ecosystem.

About IVEX 

IVEX is a pioneering company based in Dubai, offering a revolutionary approach to investment opportunities for everyone. With a decade of experience in the investment sector, IVEX has amassed a valuation exceeding $1.5 billion.

About IVEX Token

The IVEX Token serves as a tool for participation, empowerment, and investment within the ecosystem. Each token represents a stake in investment`s diversified portfolio, linking the prosperity of the projects to all members in the community.

About CryptoConcierge

Crypto Concierge comes with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet that also supports fiat assets. The key benefits of this wallet include the ability to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currency and provide cash to the client at a preferred location.

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