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Tears and Regrets: Glasgow’s Heartache Over the Willy Wonka Event That Went Wrong

Channel 5 Wonka The Scandal that rocked Britain

The Truth Exposed.

Glasgow, Lanarkshire Apr 8, 2024 ( – In the aftermath of what has been dubbed the disastrous “Willys chocolate experience event,” a group of outraged parents has come under scrutiny for their actions on social media. The group, named The House of Illuminati Scam, was initially formed to seek refunds for the failed event. However, it appears their activities have evolved into something far more contentious.

Founded by Stuart Sinclair’s of Dundee, Yulia Burns, a Russian expatriate, and Yvonne Hay, the group’s stated mission was to help affected families for a collective refund effort. The event in question, attended by families including Sinclair with his daughter and Hay with her granddaughter, left many disillusioned and seeking recompense.

Yet, allegations have emerged from sources that suggests the group’s focus has shifted towards spreading negativity and hate against the event’s organiser as House of Illuminati , particularly targeting Billy Coull. Coull, visibly distressed in a recent interview on Channel 5, expressed his dismay and the toll it has taken on his well-being.

Amidst the group’s controversial activities, a former member shared anonymously, “I joined for the memes and laughed at first. But it quickly became clear that the aim was to destroy Billy. I regret it now, seeing the impact.”

Further complicating the narrative are revelations from a source only known as Fran about one of the group’s administrators.

Fran speaking via Watsapp told of stories of of a dark past for Hay including claims of **x work and employment at the now-defunct Legs and Co an adult entertainment establishment:

“You cant expect to be in face of something and think people dont know what Yvonne is really like. I went to school with her shes not as miss goodie two shoes that she makes out to be, She sold her body and laughed about it , she worked as an exotic dancer and thats just the tip. The women has a cheek to sit in front of camera and speak about anyone how she spoke about the man.”

Fran spoke about how she felt about seeing Coull on the documentary aired by channel 5 on Saturday evening:

“Everyone can see that that man is devastated, hurt broken and I mean truly broken, but i think she just wants her 5 minutes of fame.”

“But she wants to keep things going. This is no longer about a failed event this is personal.”

Fran showing a number of posts posted on both her personal page and in the house of illuminati scam group. That are aimed at the organiser.

While social media often serves as a platform for rallying and sharing, in this case, it may have spiralled into a campaign affecting the mental health of those involved.

Yulia Burns, one of the group’s founders, voiced frustration over the group’s direction stating “their original intent was not merely to post humorous content but to take practical action against Coull.”

But its not just the groups administrators that can be seen in sighting a string of hate towards Coull, it appears that they allowed incidents involving its members, such as attempts to organise protests at Coull’s private residence, highlight the group’s increasingly aggressive stance.

Jack proctor from Coatbridge who appeared in recently aired channel 5 documentary Wonka: The Scandal that rocked Britain. Jack a communications manager for Scotland’s largest business funding competition, offering grants and loans that support entrepreneurs and head of creative at tedx glasgow. Proctor who comes across cool headed and professional attended the event also jumped on the bandwagon of angry parents.

Proctor responded to comment on the hate page: “we could arrange to meet outside his house and cause a scene.”

A member of the group responded to the comments saying ” He’s not there and there are children in the house!”

We have also received information that show the sheer abuse received towards Billy from anonymous email accounts. One email told billy “to go kill yourself!” where others are much more explicit in nature.

Yet, amidst the outcry, there are voices of concern and empathy for Coull, with community members expressing genuine worry for his welfare, on the page a member raised concerns that, “In all the videos I have seen Billy is clearly suffering with some form of breakdown,”

A member called M who dose not want to be named said who joined the group said: “no one in the group seemed to care about the man, its not a nice sight to see.The people in the group have no humanity, no care, its sicking. I don’t care about the money I have lost at this stage. What is 38 quid compared to a human life , People on that page are saying that he’s acting”

Showing a screenshot of what the private group members actually see one the groups members said “I am sick of people defending Billy Coull” and along with posts from Yvonne Hays “I can see through the b******shit”

Another of the page members said “The effects that this can have on people, I have seen it with my own eyes and he’s not acting in fact I am surprised that he has managed to keep fighting, if it was me I would have topped myself!”

The group has also propagated claims regarding Coull’s academic credentials, further fuelling the controversy. However, a statement from the Information obtained from the University of snowdonia clarified the nature of its accreditation, indirectly addressing the group’s accusations.

“Our degrees are awarded in regard to work done in relation to teachings, directly or indirectly associated with modules appearing within the coursework of university system and which falls under the jurisdiction of private postsecondary education, Graduates have the legal right to use degree titles awarded in conjunction with the ministerial status conferred”

After an intrusive deep dive into Coull, across the internet. This Freelance Journalist looked to unearth the truth behind these claims made by unknown posters across social media. The journey was painstaking. Each claim, meticulously examined, unveiled a narrative far removed from the vilification Billy faced online. Billy Coull a man, often seen through a lens of criticism, has walked a path of extensive learning, his academic endeavours spanning business law, legal studies, psychology, and mental health studies, all under the CPD UK accreditation. Yet, Billy’s thirst for knowledge appears unquenchable, leading him to also engage in numerous courses aimed at saving lives and healing souls, further highlighting his unwavering commitment to the welfare of others.

This unveiling of Billy’s true character shines a beacon of light on the essence of who he is: not merely a man who sought to bring joy through an event that experts have confirmed “wasn’t a scam”, but nothing short of a man who was “out of is depth”, but a relentless seeker of knowledge, determined to use his education to make a meaningful difference in the world.

It’s a stark reminder of the complexities that weave through the tapestry of every human life, urging us to look deeper to understand more fully, and to acknowledge the rich layers that make up each person’s story.

Further, claims from individuals state that Billy had a consulting business called It is clear from the content on the page that the person behind the page had a severe passion just to try to help people and there is clearly no malicious intent, to scam or take money from people. A video that appeared on the video sharing site tiktok used two weeks ago tries to claim that this was all part of an elaborate scam. However it is very clear that looking deeper you can see the compassion Billy had for humanity.

Another post on reddit, from a user called known as “theprincessofpink82” Who makes reference to Coull operating a charity called the gowanbank hub in 2021. She states in one post that “I just don’t like the man”. Digging deeper into the account we can reveal that the profile has a close association with a well know charity in the Ibrox area of Glasgow.

It is very clear that Billy Coull has done nothing more than work for the purpose of helping society.

Speaking in a local cafe a women 55 years old was asked if she knew Coull the response was astonishing:

“I knew Billy, he did great things around here. I used to goto the hub I would walk out with a trolley full of messages. I’m not in the best of health”

When asked the claims about the Christmas Santa cancellation; the woman said, “I remember that the Santa was cancelled because of that covid. I still got my presents for the kids, and Christmas dinner and everything”

Conversations with locals present a different image of Coull, describing him as a well-intentioned man whose efforts to organise something positive unfortunately is failed. This sentiment is echoed across various segments of the community, from individuals, shop workers to local business owners.

As this digital drama unfolds, the wider conversation shifts towards the impact of social media campaigns on individuals’ lives. With the group facing criticism for possibly going too far, a collective reassessment of the situation and its effects on all involved seems imminent.

Billy Coull, the man at the centre of this storm, offered a brief response, appreciating the support and kind words from the community, highlighting the complex interplay of digital activism, community sentiment, and the very real consequences of online campaigns.

The UK government set out The Online Safety Bill that aims to deliver a manifesto of commitment to make the UK the safest place to be online, while defending free expression. However in this instance the the UK government has failed to deliver and has caused more pain an suffering when labour party leader joked about the event during Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Billy Coull, a man whose dreams once soared, now finds himself in a sea of despair. “I have lost everything, my life is in pieces because of this,” he confides in a moment that is both raw and profoundly human. His words, heavy, hang in the air as tears stream down his face.

As the city of Glasgow stands at a crossroads, reflecting on this poignant chapter, Billy’s story–from his lofty ambitions to the depths of his current despair, and the enlightening revelations about his true character–invites a profound reevaluation of our readiness to judge. It beckons us to piece together the fragments of a narrative torn asunder, fostering a hope that from the turmoil and heartbreak, a community might rise anew, stronger and more cohesive, bound by a deepened empathy and a collective commitment to seeing the humanity that resides in us all.

A request for comment has been made to from Yvonne, Jack, Yulia, amongst others and no response has been given as yet.


Billy Coull: Man behind Willy Wonka-inspired event in Glasgow tells how life has been ‘ruined’

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