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Eric North aka ‘The Happiness Warrior’ Shows the Life-Hack of Turning Every Day Great

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New York City, New York Apr 12, 2024 ( – Author and Life Coach Eric North is best known for his dynamic expertise in the field of finding true happiness in life. Not just his own happiness, but he fights for the happiness of all and that is why, Eric is better known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’. This time, the warrior has come up with the best tools, practices, and beliefs that can help to turn every day into a great one. He believes that every human has a sense of balance and rhythm which can lead to the happiness that they deserve. Humans have the self-created power to shape destiny and attain their hopes and desires, an ability to choose an attitude for momentum and resilience. Instead of considering the whole life and its struggles, he asks everyone to focus on each day to make it better and more enthralling to live. It All starts with finding peace within that helps to deal with the world where something is always going on.

According to Eric, every day can become greatest when a person lives it with happiness and purposeful words and actions. It requires an encompassing feeling of fulfillment and well-being which comes with consistent effort. One must acquire a mindset that helps to live with authenticity and confidence and to deal with anything that comes the way. One must understand how to address own capabilities and promises with a belief system that’s aligned with the core values and intentions. It can help to create reality and life by manifesting with happiness. It can help to attain the life and lifestyle one desires. Eric believes that everything in life that’s worthwhile usually takes some work and self-discipline. Therefore, haste can only lead to waste and one must keep going on without worrying about the results.

Happiness isn’t created on a whim but by acquired with carefully voiced intentions and goals. According to Eric, when a person intentionally seeks to create more happiness; it can bring a change in life’s choices as they will become more feasible and rising opportunities. While happiness is often regarded as merely a choice rather than a lifestyle, it is purposeful and aligned with the core values. Eric says that everyone can choose to be happy but first one must consider the journey as well as the steps that are necessary to fully actualize life. Every person can find the right path with conscious actions and inner thoughts that guide everyone. The ideals of every person are reflected through their daily actions and words and they can be only changed with happiness. As a result, people can find themselves more content and satisfied.

Eric believes that a happier life is an easier life that always starts with an effort of self-love and forgiveness. People need to learn to give themselves permission to break down self-created barriers and negative emotions. The sense of empowerment does not only come through learning but unlearning too and in order to create the best version of one’s own self, the person must start living their own truth. Happiness can also have a positive impact on others. The Happiness Warrior believes that happy people are the best role models and mentors. Being one of the best mentors and life coaches himself, Eric has come up with a handful of tools and effective practices that can help one become happier and live every day with the charm and energy of a good life.

The first and most important practice is breathing. Taking one deep breath can help a person acquire better reactions and fewer regrets. A person can find inner peace by conscious deep breaths and counting them. A sigh can actually reduce a lot of emotional burden. Secondly, Eric suggests a simple exercise for people going through an emotional breakdown or unable to socialize. He suggests just closing his eyes and thinking of three things that make the person happy. The hard part is not to smile when saying those words loud. Thirdly, every human should take a moment to acknowledge everything that one can be grateful for. Gratitude helps to keep the ego in check and instills more humbleness. The fourth and most simple step is to smile even at the smallest thins as even a forced smile helps raise endorphins. Smile helps to uplift mood and provides more confidence. The fifth step is to allow the emotions and other feelings to reveal themselves.

The sixth step is to improve posture and self-esteem as one’s appearance is the reflection of the person. The seventh step is to seek happiness even in the smallest achievements of life. The eight practices involve a lot of self-love which is highly important to survive in this world. The 9th practice involves spending time outdoors and allowing nature and wind to cleanse the thoughts. Lastly, one must start each day with a positive affirmation which helps stay confident and focused throughout the whole day. Find your way to happiness and make every day better with Life Coach and Author Eric North, aka ‘The Happiness Warrior’. Contact him at and embark on the journey.

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